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Pokemon Go and the future of busines

Pokemon Go has taken over everything it seems. Everyone is talking about it, many are playing it. I’ve seen a lot of stories – good and bad – as well as how this is impacting business. From developing new businesses (uber driver for Pokemon hunting, at slow speeds to simulate walking) to how to regulate it in the office.

What I haven’t heard from anyone yet is how this will change business in the future. We already have the ability to have targeted ads at bus stops and technology that was so far fetched that Star Trek predicted it decades ago. But how can augmented reality impact shopping and improve our lifestyles?

Pokemon Go is changing not just gaming, but our very lives. Those who think of how to use similar (or better) technology to improve business, lifestyle, and health of the world will be on the cutting edge. I’m willing to bet, as my dad says, dollars to donuts, that in two to three years we will see the beginnings of what entrepreneurs and visionaries are starting to work on right now. In five years this sort of thing will be common place. In ten years we will have evolved way past this and onto the next life changing thing.

How can you prepare your business to function better, faster, more efficiently, increase margins to position itself in that future? How will your workforce change? How will your policies and procedures change? Think about the myriad opportunities for team building, recognition, retention, even impacts on health insurance rates and employee wellness programs. How about recruiting? Compensation plans and strategies?

At the very least we know that battery life will improve exponentially in the next year or two. lol I look forward to when transporters aren’t just for Sci Fi media. 😉

SHRM certification

Congratulations on achieving your SHRM-CP.

Today I took advantage of the SHRM-CP tutorial to get the certification for free. I have to say that I actually like and see the validity of the competency based nature of this certification and how it will lend credence to Human Resources as a whole and a business partner.

I have largely staid out of the fray between the HRCI vs SHRM certification war. I’ve chosen to wait it out to see the offerings for comparison and see what the results are to organizations, professionals, and the profession as a whole over time. Without data it is hard to give an educated guess, and everyone has an opinion. 😉 I like my opinions to have weight.

It is early yet, since the certification was just offered for the first time three months ago, but it will be interesting to see when and which roles will require or prefer this certification. It will be interesting to see if it will be placed in relation to the HRCI certifications.

The part I enjoyed the most was the competency check lists. I answered as truthfully as possible, so that it could be a useful tool to me. I was pleasantly surprised that both my professional (paid) and volunteer experience places me predominantly in the Exec category.

Beaushene SHRM-CP competency chart

Beaushene SHRM-CP chart







The process took less than an hour, and was free. Can’t beat that! I really liked the situations and questions offered. Again, in the vein of being honest, I chose the best choice 7 of 9 times, the second best choice once, and one of the “what the heck, totally the wrong choice” once.

For one that does not currently have an HRCI or IPMA-HR to take the test is $300, which is $100 cheaper than the HRCI PHR. Being so new, it may not be eligible for tuition or expense reimbursement from organizations yet. To be fair, it has been five years since I took the PHR, so I cannot legitimately compare the SHRM-CP scenario quesitons to those of the PHR.

If an organization does reimburse you, why not go for both? Until the dust clears – which may be five to ten years from now, it is best to hedge ones bets. 😉 But if one is paying out of pocket, I would go for the HRCI certification simply due to its history and being well known.

Good luck which ever you decide. May the odds be in your favor!

Big Data

Photo credit Venture Beat

I’ve been so excited to see that data is a big deal, being discussed much more, and is even considered a trend and the thing in 2013. Being an analytic person, I love data and love sharing both that love and HOW data can be helpful. Data driven decisions, in my humble experience, end up better. It shows progress, profit, areas for improvement/innovation, and helps one reach goals.

Think about the SMART principal – specifically the M part for measure. That is your data. You need to know where you start to know how far you’ve come or have yet to go. You need to know where you are going!

But all that excitement aside, I have two concerns related to The Year of Data.

The first is that having data is one thing, but processing it to be useful is key. Having data is like all the dirt in my backyard. I have lots of dirt, but until it is worked and done so in a specific way, it won’t be a garden or produce vegetables magically.

The second is that data lies. Data can tell you anything you want it to depending on how you manipulate and display it.

So, the questions I pose are these – what are we doing with all this big data? What measures will be discussed to ensure that it is useful and as impartial as possible?

Books still have their place

Photo Credit: La Crosse Public LibraryI’m an avid reader. By avid I mean that not a day goes by that doesn’t see me reading an actual book – and not on a Kindle or Nook either. Some books are slower going than others – right now I’m reading a history book about Europe and it’s theology from 500 BCE to 1300 CE. Fascinating reading that helped me with Jeopardy! the other day.

I currently have two stacks of “to be read” piles – one for pleasure and one for business. One author I have meant to add to my business pile is Malcolm Gladwell after all I heard about him from #SHRM12 (aka SHRM’s Annual Conference in 2012.) I’ve already read two Collins books, so it was a no brainer.

I found an interesting article at Business Insider about Gladwell that concisely listed the main points from his three books. One of his points that apparently is getting a lot of attention is the 10,000 hours concept – that it takes time and effort to master something.

This set off warning bells to me. Why? Because a year before Gladwell came out with Outliers and this concept Bounce came out by Syed. I had read it in February 2011 – again before Gladwell’s book with the same concept came out.

I will check out this book of Gladwell’s, to see if he references the same studies and credits Syed at all. I realize that Syed isn’t as well known or published. I’m withholding further comments until I have seen Gladwell’s Outliers.

I guess the warning bells are that it bothers me when it seems as if one is getting recognition that another may deserve more. 😉

If you are interested in further studies and exploring the concept of what it takes to be “the best” maybe pick up both books. And no, I haven’t been paid by either author to say that. 😉