Monthly Archives: January 2015

The biggest lie in HR

I saw this post and my perspective is wildly different.

My take on the biggest lie in HR is a perception that we in HR perpetuate: that we are there for employees.

At the end of the day, HR is there to support and protect the business. If an employee gets shafted for the good of the business, that is what happens.

There are several situations when an employee needs help and we can’t keep confidences, or where we can’t honor or do X because it would not be beneficial for the business.

The biggest reason why HR gets a bad rap is that some how, somewhere along the line, employees were given the perception that HR is to help them – and when they seek that help they get screwed over. This is one reason why health insurance costs are rising – the business doesn’t want to shoulder more of the costs the cost to the employee goes up.

Maybe the reason employees have this impression is that we organize the company picnic, holiday parties, and recognition gifts. Maybe it is because HR is a cost center where good things flow from: paychecks, bonuses, paid time off, and benefits. Maybe it is because HR is the welcoming face when we interview and are hired. Maybe it is because it is HR we share our personal joys or tribulations with, such as getting married or finding out we have cancer Рwhen we may not share such personal information with our managers or coworkers.

Employees bond with HR.

That is why when something happens and HR has to report, investigate, or say no it hurts. That is why the biggest lie in HR is not what kind of market it currently is, but that we are there to help the employee.

Let’s face it, yes the employee are HR’s customers/clients. We have to do our best for them. But the business and it’s needs trumps that in every situation.