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Management and motivation

In my department it is common to work with many managers at one time. While I report to A, B may be actively involved in another of my projects. It is really interesting seeing and working with so many different types of management styles an levels of experience.

One of the managers I work with tried to motivate the team by emphasizing how we are failing. There were positives thrown in – we are the A team, we have had successes elsewhere, etc… But what stood out to me was how we are the reason this is failing.

It reminds me how it generally takes seven positives to make up for one negative.

This manager is newer. I passed along my perception and how it made me feel – about the manager and the project – to my direct manager. She has a lot more management under her experience and takes on more of a mothering role. She is your cheer leader and great about pointing out how you could improve without it feeling like a slap in the face (like the other manager I mentioned.) She can be firm and does use the “you know how to do this. You are smart, just do it” type tactic when she needs to push someone.

I feel really lucky that I have developed, in a short time, such a bond that I felt comfortable providing her this feedback. I do not feel I could bring it up to the manager who made me feel like crap. I thought I had a relationship with him, but how he has been in the past six months has changed that.

I have to say, it is a blessing to be able to work with so many different styles and levels of experience. I think having this diversity serves people well.

How aware are you of how you interact with people? How comfortable are you with hearing critiques of your style? How do you motivate your team?


I was thrilled that my manager urged me to take the final two courses that are the difference between the CCP and GRP. I’m working my way through the Overview course, knowing that the financial one would be harder.

I didn’t realize how complex this overview would be.

I appreciate that the course has been recently updated. I’m thrilled that there are many things about various countries or regions I already knew.

But there is so much, that I feel overwhelmed. I worry about how detailed the test will be. Based on other courses I guess the test will be 75-90 questions.

I know this will be worth it. Considering that compensation is becoming a standard module to Human Capital Management (HCM) systems, and those are growing to be global. There are enough companies out there using HCMs that have employees world wide, that they need to have flexibility to handle taxation and addresses that oddly is not taken into the design process.

I’m excited by the carrot my manager offered me, that I will be at the leading edge of this compensation module for my company.

Workplace sexism

In the past six months I’ve had three managers. The one I was hired by resigned, moving the entire team to his boss. After a while, that guy was told he couldn’t manage folk two-three levels below him, so we got redistributed to new-to-us managers.

Before my initial boss left, we did the annual review process (four months early.) The way he and his boss both handled my engagement, successes, and professional growth both externally and with internal products was underwhelming. To the point both discouraged me from seeking additional professional development outside of our company, asking me to focus on the product we support.

Ok, that is great. Except that I’ve been mentoring and training others on our internal product for over a year. I am constantly sending suggestions or writing up how to documents both for internal and external use, and acting as a support to peers on said product. I’ve clearly demonstrated an expertise on it.

I was sorely disappointed that with my 13 years experience in the field, 9 years experience in the industry of HCMs, having a degree and multiple certifications that I wasn’t even given the target merit increase this year. That I wasn’t brought up to market rate for someone with 1 year experience in the field. Never mind that I’ve spoken with my local peers and all the women are $10k+ underpaid compared to the men with often less experience and no certs or degrees in the field.

I had asked my former boss’s boss if the gender inequality was reviewed. He hadn’t even thought of it, let alone looked into it. He knows I know Compensation. Just the ease I displayed in using terms and concepts, never mind those wonderful three letters after my name.

My current manager is a breath of fresh air. SHE encourages me to seek out professional development both on our product and externally. She recognizes my expertise and all I have done to help others. She comes to me to double check others work or to help figure out very difficult things.

I was exceedingly thrilled when in one conversation I flat out asked her, “It sounds like you are grooming me for a promotion. Is this your intent?” She confirmed it was. Woohoo!

I find it very interesting how different the management styles and how they view me and what I have to offer are between the men and women in the business unit. I’m not prepared to say it is the whole company, because it is clear looking at the C suite that isn’t the case.