The power of positivity

In my current role, I encounter a lot of people every day. To add to that, I’m looking to move more into a compensation analyst role (and away from HR Consultant/Generalist) so I’m interviewing and interacting with even more amazing, wonderful people (and organizations.)

A recent interview of mine showed me the power of positivity and what an ideal team would act like in a way that I previously thought was idealistic and frankly not real. I haven’t had such a great chat even when dating! The connection that was built was pretty amazing and I walked out thinking it was a dream.

That interview was starkly contrasted with a group I interact with regularly in my current role, which is the exact opposite. Always complaining, never a good thought, and lots of commiserating.

I’ll admit that I have purposefully done my best over the years to be more positive. It is easy to get sucked back into being pessimistic, but I am aware enough to fight it. With the negative Nancys I try to point out positive things, do what I can to build them up or see some light in the tunnel.

It was interesting to be able to have the comparison, as previously while I knew it was bad, it hadn’t seemed that bad. I am very grateful to the folks in that interview, even though I wasn’t chosen for the job, for reminding me that everyone isn’t cranky all the time, and that how you interact with others is a gigantic part in the company culture and impacts you in more ways than you know.

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