Management and motivation

In my department it is common to work with many managers at one time. While I report to A, B may be actively involved in another of my projects. It is really interesting seeing and working with so many different types of management styles an levels of experience.

One of the managers I work with tried to motivate the team by emphasizing how we are failing. There were positives thrown in – we are the A team, we have had successes elsewhere, etc… But what stood out to me was how we are the reason this is failing.

It reminds me how it generally takes seven positives to make up for one negative.

This manager is newer. I passed along my perception and how it made me feel – about the manager and the project – to my direct manager. She has a lot more management under her experience and takes on more of a mothering role. She is your cheer leader and great about pointing out how you could improve without it feeling like a slap in the face (like the other manager I mentioned.) She can be firm and does use the “you know how to do this. You are smart, just do it” type tactic when she needs to push someone.

I feel really lucky that I have developed, in a short time, such a bond that I felt comfortable providing her this feedback. I do not feel I could bring it up to the manager who made me feel like crap. I thought I had a relationship with him, but how he has been in the past six months has changed that.

I have to say, it is a blessing to be able to work with so many different styles and levels of experience. I think having this diversity serves people well.

How aware are you of how you interact with people? How comfortable are you with hearing critiques of your style? How do you motivate your team?

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