Jessica Beaushene is a free spirited analyst in Human Resources clothing.

Jess set out on her professional path with a passion to help people, after a slight detour she found herself in an office manager position that included a lot of Human Resources (HR) functions. Being ambitious and still wanting to make a difference in people lives she embarked on her HR career.

Once upon a time, the University of Richmond offered a post-baccalaureate certificate in Human Resources Management that Jess completed with panache(3.82 GPA). This sort of certificate isn’t widely known, and boils down to a second major, at a different institution. In case you are curious, the first degree and institution was a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, with a minor in Chemistry. You can see where the analyst side comes from with such a rigorous scientific background.

Jess’s burgeoning career began in the payroll department of a manufacturing company where she quickly proved her worth by convincing the HR Director to start a formal new hire orientation, improve processes, improve intradepartmental communication with regular meetings, and improve the business bottom line by having an annual strategic meeting (the first saved the company over $1M!) Jess also worked directly with the finance and IT departments for reducing reconciliation issues and improving HRIS system updates respectively.

It was in this position that Jess learned her passion and talent for compensation and analytics – and how strategic uses of those analytics can improve the candidate and employee experience/engagement, reduce turn over, and improve the company’s bottom line related to all HR products.

In the years since this position, Jess continued her growth and gathered many experiences, she has held Human Resources positions with the following industries: real estate, health care, marketing, security, and settled into the finance industry for a large organization.  Jess still works to ensure a great experience that gives the best result for both employees and their organizations.

Being a self admitted life long learner, Jess has proven her dedication to her profession and being a resource to her organization by obtaining the Professional Human Resources (PHR), Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) certifications, and Certified Compensation Professional (CCP). While Jess keeps up with legislation and follows many thought leaders in Human Resources, Technology, and Employment Law, she hasn’t seen a ROI on the certifications and they either have or will lapse.

In her spare time not working or pursuing additional certifications and degrees, Jess volunteers, enjoys DIY on her home, cooking, and adult coloring books. Additionally she enjoys collecting pigs with wings as a reminder that anything is possible, geeky pursuits, and traveling to experience and learn about other cultures, especially their food and art.

Final note: To comply with my organization’s social media policy, all opinions are my own. If anyone has any questions about my organization, its products, or how to get a job with it please contact a sales person or recruiter respectively. It is best to go to the organization web page directly. Yes, I purposefully am not naming my org as a little extra CYA. 😉

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